Transgender Book Reviews

Welcome to a new source of information about transgender books. Here you will find reviews of books telling stories about crossdressers, transsexuals, and the many other flavors of gender expression.

Increasingly, the subject of gender is being given more attention by scholars and researchers. Transgendered characters are appearing in books, movies and plays.

This site reviews literary-quality books with real or fictional stories whose main theme is transgenderism. Scholarly, how-to, fantasy and other genres of TG books are listed separately. Also here to read is half of a published novel by the reviewer about a crossdresser. Sales of this book make Transgender Book Reviews possible.

The reviewer, Valory Gravois, is not serving as a critic. Instead, the reviews tell what to expect in a book and what the reviewer considers to be the highlights.

Publishers are invited to submit published transgender-related books (with stories) for review. Books of photographs are also invited -- a section reviewing them has been introduced. Visitors are encouraged to tell the reviewer about other books deserving reviews.

A good source for the reviewed and listed books is A Different Light Bookstore, which provides online ordering. Personnel in their San Francisco store were of great help in drawing together this site. Your patronage of ADL is appreciated.

Half of Cherry Single, a published novel about a young crossdresser in San Francisco written by the reviewer, is included on this site. See reviews or read half of the book. Cherry Single is also available as a paperback book. For over 18 only.

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